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Friday, April 22, 2016

Mayor Rodrego Roa (Digong) Duterte for President in the Philippines

Hooorrrrrry! Mayor Duterte for President, for the true change in our Democrazzzzzy country to stop Corruption and  go for the progressive movement for the real Filipino who seek hopes in own motherland. A true leader who lead for a real freedom and safety to live in own country, A leader that may bring his members that they are parts of the plan for a progressive way. A leader that have true past leadership that no fear to go on in finding way and making Idea for all which is good in all. A leader which he bring his countrymen for a change to reveal the truth and understand and give way to other and respect each other.

Mabuhay ka Mayor Duterte wish may my real God protect you from the evil who have plan to stop the change that we seek. May you walk safe in all time and people will protect you so do I. May my real God giving you the path for a good to not harm you and making you good for a peace of mind. May my real God watch the Election happened to not cheating and in a proper and successful way. To choose you for a president of the Philippines is already History in book of truth that this country will change and can compete other rich country in Europe Mabuhay ka Mayor Rodrigo Roa Digong Duterte. God knows this!

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