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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Who Cares for the Children's Health

Who's that?

What is world? Starting from were I was born and see the shining of the world. A fine and good creatures I've ever meet. We took it was good and same as what we are. What things should we need to do? Where we go now after were here and fully being. Is world are shame or friendly? what was all about?

I saw people angry and do bad things, Do I need to do in a same way as what I saw now? What was the next when I feel what they did. I do sacrifices the thing that I never do it. Why I am here? What people look at and do things to me? Do I need to walk with my own? and do things in what I saw to them? I feel pain all over my body, my life is always take hungry and didn't take a change to get things like them.

Why they call parents? are these people are responsible to us? what happened when they left and forgot us? Is there any like parents to cover it up and teach us, and give us and provide about what we need as a little being. What call Help words is that? why we fall in line and they give us things that we never try it before? are these people come and always come when we need it? How long they take us and serve to the little being as like me. I do some questions now but still don't have answers yet.

I saw people, that they were good sometimes because when they not watched they walked and forgot us and do the same things when they were watched but in other side. I wish somebody to take care of us, are parents called coming back and take care of us? I remember that the time when I saw lots of people that they were cry and they let one died body to the cemetery.

They said it was my papa, is that a parents called? then who will care us?
I have questions! when a little being created It need two pairs to create one little being? Then I looking where is one of called parents too? I sometimes asked to one people that they were always bare me when he were around on that time. "Where is your partner?" He said "she's gone in a far away land with having new partner like what I am" That was my last conversion the man they called parents. Who cares to me now? who cares to same little being like me now? I'm one out of millions little being who suffer to this called Wonderful World which is a Blue Planet Earth.

How many years do we need to wait till we get that what was a beauty and fun to this world. Do I came to that years like 18, 20 40 years of age with a good health? were was far away from other little being that they were full good of health and they were always care to them. I wish to be like that. But they were few compare to a millions like us. were many can always seen but lack of they called good health than few and unseen but full of health with having they called parents.

Is there any part to this world? or is there any other planet called that we can stay there and looking that someone will care us. they said there is "It's called Heaven" They said that they can fully care and give what ever you want. no one will get old and everyone will happy there and take lots of fun and enjoy every time. I wish to be there soon, I don't want here that no one care us and always ignoring like us, they were good when somebody watch to them, they were care when they need us to show the world that they care. but in all they were using to show in front and after a few days all were gone and forgot what was all about us.

We need somebody to care us, we need somebody to watch and guard us from being rush and using for their own interest. Please help us, Let us take away from danger and grab us into a good way and show me the good way were should we need to go. were just a little being who was like you before and were getting like you tomorrow. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Youth World Movers Organization

Children's for the Future

Children's for the future were always been the first in every people who always care to them. But in what way we gonna care them? lots of people think of it in how to do such a things that it may fit to them. Like in In Philippines now still be troubled by the children's future mostly those in remote area worst in Mountain Province part of the country. These children's really need help to up there knowledge that in true are far away from other children's who live in City. Some people are building Organization like on us just to provide and support children's like this. Part of it is our Organization who maintain and watch those area who need assistant that they may not carry to help children's for their study and health. We the Youth World Movers are quick to response and making plan on it for what is good to them. We have lots of members coming from any part of place here in the Philippines, a student, graduated and businessman youth people who united for this program.

Youth World Movers are mostly compose of student from deference colleges in Mindanao Misamis Oriental. United in one purpose just to help children's that believe that they are the future for tomorrow in someday children's now soon are next generation they will do as what we do now to them. Youth World Movers are always open to everyone who wanted to join and help children's in any cost no matter what. Can call anytime mostly in a emergency way, which ready anytime to be move in any part of the Philippines and outside the country. We think and providing Idea coming from each of us and sharing what is best to do for the organization. We are on 6 years since created on 2006 that were still solid and always been there to help children's future.

Youth World Movers are now maintaining children's needs such as school supply and their health. We do feeding and monthly checkup for their health. YWM Organization are also connected of other NGO's like internation NGO's which were always assists and providing man power if they need help from us. We're on up mostly in emergency call from other country like in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. That were already been there to exchange idea coming from other country youth organization, united in one purpose. And this coming school year were ready to move and help children's for their needs and as of today we receive calls coming from any deference province that they need assistant. Mostly our target is the place were in trouble for the travel and hard to climb and a remote place like mountain area that hard to put a road way on it, that only horse and cattle may can carry things and import goods to the area. Also we help to develop their culture which we give and share Idea to them like planting and making old artifact that may help to them to provide their needs.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


What I want is......

This picture was taken on 2013 at Balingasag Misamis Oriental Mindanao Philippines. I just walking around and enjoying the beautiful place were I've been. while walking around I saw a few children who played at Pantalan/Port. That bring my self from way way back to my childhood. Because I live here also in Balingasag. That we were play here at my childhood, together we jump to the sea water from the port. It's really fun to do that. A big smile coming to that children that reflected to my childhood.

And now I'm 31 years of Age, I really miss this place same as what children do now. I was thinking to my self  that, what if I given a chance to have 1 choice that what you really want. I've better to be back my childhood than my life today. It takes me sad about what happened to my life now. I want to be child that thinking always to play. Deference from now that my life was hard to explain about what should I do now. I faces lots of problems that it makes me crazy. sometime I cry alone about what happened to my life now? before my childhood I always go around play and enjoy. nothing to worries what was world going on. but in my age today It's hard. Hard to do something, to do move on to get up and bring own self into new day, because no one care you now, I need to do something to fill my life to a new day. who cares when you need anything, we do it to our selves to get what we want.

I wish I can going back to my childhood and I want to stay it. I don't want to involve my life to a new world to carry and stand up of our own self. I want always enjoy and nothing to care is to play. I want my family to care me always, dressed me when get dirt placing food, calling me baby, kissing me, I want that attention to me at all, My mother, my father my brother and my sister. I want to go back that life.

But sometimes we need to accept the truth, that we were grow and need to do it in our own. Life is once and need to do what we are. Bring our self for what way best to us. And watch out for those mistake we've experience, because that's the time we blame our self for what was wrong to you now. and you may look back to your past. Same to me now, I feel sad to my life now, It's kinda crazy to think that I did nothing to care it.

But not in all is bad for me, Because there is one person who save and care me, Yeah she's good and beautiful, she's always been there when I felt something, hug me during my crying, listening during my expression about those bad happened to me. And I Thanks that she's always been here. If my wish will granted, I want to go back and bring her together with me backing into a childhood and we play together. This is what I want and that's my life.