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Friday, August 16, 2013

Feed the Child

This activity helps children a lot because we gave them food, clothing and school supplies given from the full hearted supporters and donators. Without them this activity would not be possible, but as the days goes by our supporters cannot give everything what these children need. In order to sustain this kind of activity is by promoting it here social media. These children are the hopes of tomorrows dream and we cannot afford them to lose that dream of theirs. So in order to have them reach their ambitions, hopes and dreams we are going to help as much as we could.

Through this effort that we've made, we hope that there's someone who will be willing to give support to this activities. We can see it their eyes that they are aiming high and that they are deserving to be helped by someone else.

We are here to be the bridge of that dreams that the children were aiming to be. We are very eager to bridge the gap of malnutrition and poor education for the children. Our strength and enthusiasm in uplifting the child's dream is very strong with our determination can truly help the child become a successful one in the future. With this mission we are here encouraging you to be part of our noble mission and that is to help these children in which they can be the beginnings of new tomorrow.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The children of Balingasag

 Children Today, Leader Tomorrow

In the town of Balingasag, there are many poor families living in this coastal area of Balingasag and yet there are also many children who are out of school or cannot afford to go to school. In their spare time, they gathered in the port especially in high tide to go swim and have some fun with their friends. They are happy seeing each other reunited. 

As we go along day to day in this world, we can never tell the joy and roughness of our life when it’s going to happen. But one thing is for sure life has full of surprises. So we must indulge ourselves to the wonders of life and beautiful natures brought to us by our ALMIGHTY CREATOR and let’s thank and praise HIM with all of our hearts.

All that the LORD may give to us in this world, we shall use them in accordance to HIS will. Let’s celebrate life to the fullest with thanking and giving to one another. So as with these poor children let’s unite and have them live as the way we live in this world, for there’s a saying “He who gives more than what he have will received more than what he gives.”