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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tree Planting - Tree for Life

One of our successful movement is to recover trees from the illegal logger who cut lots of trees at the part of Mount Balatukan Mountain which part of Misamis Oriental. Same to a problem of some areas in the Philippines is like a flash floods. according to some people that we were unable to stop illegal loggers from cutting trees even it is not in a exact height of trees. It because some of their protection are a government officials that it takes hard to stop them, they took it a bisiness center to logging some trees mostly to those dangerous area were the floods can be trigger when it cause a hard rain.

It so serious when things to make it up for the protecting trees from the people who abuse it without deforestation. The one who suffer for this bad activities are those people who live near at the lake that today trees are all gone.

Our organization was always do the same things to recover life of Human and endangered species, one of this is planting trees. We also seek for the people who understand and concern for our movement, that may your donation will take effected to the particular projects.

 It is also our concern for this problems it just because our next generation will be follow for our steps. We will bring the bridge to the unity of each other.

The life of this Trees which may help someday for the life of humanity. Don't ignore for this situations it is because you are the part of this Earth that we need to protect from the danger lifespan.

Bring the concern for the Unity of each other for being comfortable to live in this world. Start from now not to wait for the happened for tomorrow. We encourage you to please join this some project of the Youth movers. for the recovery the life of the EARTH and HUMANITY.

Feed and Educate Poor Children

According to  Social weather Station (SWS) survey, Philippines is one of the poorest country in the world. As a organization we serve to the community in order for us to attain our main goal which is to serve the public. We call our organization as "youth movers" in which we conduct several activities such as feeding program, disseminating information about proper sanitation and proper hygiene. In our community there are many villages that are lots of children and some families cannot afford to send their children due to lack of financial assistance. Because of these common discrepancies, we are here to ask some support for our organization in order to continue our activities. We have calendar of activities by this year that awaits the children and we are afraid that we cannot make it due to financial support. In behalf of my organization, I would like to ask some support or donations from you. We accept any donations such as food, clothing, bath soaps, towels, and school supplies. We humbly appreciate any effort and concerns coming from you.

We the Youth WORLD Movers are created to promote this program in which it Focuses on a Children Feeding and Educate program. We are united for one purpose and that is to help them to develop their skills and promote the aims of every children's dreams. We also provide Healthy food and teaching their parents in how they were able to manege their child to become a better person in the future. We believe that our youth today is our hope for tomorrow.

It is good to help the child which is in need for help. But not in all the time we can share the blessings to them, it is because due to a lack of financial problem and out of reach. Through us you can be part of our journey in uplifting the children's dream. To make this program possible, we first make a solicitation from Government and non Government Organizations but it is not enough for us to fill the needs of the children. We are requesting from the bottom of our hearts for you to DONATE even a little amount which a very big help for us and for the Children.